The Boogaloo State Chronicle | 11 July 2014

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The Dawn O’ Hope ….

Reverend Fathers….Sisters of the Imaculate Heart…..Ladies and Gentlemen…

The last few months have seen a complete makeover  here in Boogaloo Towers…Have you made a pilgrimage to see the new pub and its new colour, our 2 new lounge rooms in the courtyard , its a new vibe folks ….people are so overcome with love for the new ambience they swear they are even getting ‘cured’ of their ‘conditions’ out in the new lounges…soon Zigler might consider selling rosary beads and novenas ….God be with the days of crystal and mitzi turbo’s!

This being the week of the Glorious Twelfth ,we pray for the separated brethern and the poor editor of the Protestant Gazette and remember it was not God who made Honky Tonk Angels that caused many good men to go wrong!

Our spiritual advisor Mr MacGowan visited us from the mainland last week and found many ‘cures’ in our new lounge Alabama’s where he was preparing for his magnificant performance in Hyde Park alongside another former worshipper from this parish, Mr Doherty and his merry band of Libertines. 

Meanwhile back in our world ,Big Tom is still the King, God is still in his heaven and Peter Barlow is an ”innocent man !”

There is a full bill this month…the World Cup final is being screened in our lounges and in the main bar this Sunday at 8pm…book a table …have a burger or a hotdog from our amazing ‘pop up ‘ kitchen and  drink as much loose porter as the good Lord will provide ….what a great way for heathens  to spend a Sunday!

A reminder to the faithful that our  Courtyard Lounges which hold 50 and 20 respectively and are available for hire !
Like everyone and everything around here ! God save us from intellectuals.

And we have a new ”pop up” restaurant for the summer doing amazing Hotdogs & Hamburgers and called No 1 Party Banger@TheBoogaloo and can be contacted for bookings.

And as always God bless all here and keep your bible like your virture under your bed…and pray for the poor editor of The Protestant Gazette, Poor Britney Spears,Larry Cunningham and The Cotton Mill Boys, wherever they may be….

God Bless all here
Vaya Con Dios et Billy Bob Forever Frank Zigler Editor in Chief……… Like the corners of my mind
Misty water coloured memories 
Of the way we were….

Privileged Information….For God and St Patrick