The Boogaloo State Chronicle | 27th May 2014

She’ll be comin down the Mountain ….

Reverend Fathers….Sisters of the Imaculate Heart…..Ladies and Gentlemen…

The last few months have been hectic here in Boogaloo Towers and Zigler apologises for not writing more often…

We have had the decorators in and the whole pub has been  transformed aesthetically and emotionally and  is now a new experience to behold !

There is a new colour, new furniture, 2 new lounge rooms in the courtyard suitable for party hire , christenings, Holy Communions and select wakes !

In the midst of all this wondrous change we had the visitation of an Angel of Mercy, then came Doctor Who  in the same week that we were visited by a Spice Girl and a tinker from Ballyhaunis , ‘soft day I am, Thank God , and there is no need to fear the Fairy wind if your haystacks are tied down”….

The UnGodly and unwashed have always came to our door and like the good God fearing people we are , we  never turned them away… !

And there are some mind altering collaborations about to happen soon…even on the strongest qualudes and mitzi turbos known to Zigler and his ilk , could you image what we have planned….

Our spiritual advisor  visits us next week from the mainland for a series of interviews in our new lounge Alabama’s where he is preparing for his forthcoming performance in Hyde Park and there might be some surprises here later in the year !

Meanwhile Big Tom is still the King, God is still in his heaven and Peter Barlow is an ”innocent man !”

There is a full bill this month…the Saturday swing dances are flying high…the twitter machine is constantly buzzing…the Sunday clubs are going great guns…3pm start every week for indie folk and pop songs…what a great way for heathens  to spend a Sunday… May God forgive them…

Faithful followers will be aware of our new Courtyard Lounges which hold 50 and 20 respectively and are available for hire !
Like everyone and everything around here ! God save us from intellectuals.

And we have a new ”pop up” restaurant for the summer doing amazing Hotdogs & Hamburgers and called No 1 Party Banger@TheBoogaloo and can be contacted by for bookings.

And as always God bless all here and keep your bible like your virture under your bed…and pray for the poor editor of The Protestant Gazette, Poor Britney Spears,Larry Cunningham and The Cotton Mill Boys, wherever they may be….

God Bless all here
Vaya Con Dios et Billy Bob Forever
Frank Zigler
Editor in Chief………

Don’t let me cross over, Love’s cheating line
You belong to another and can never be mine
I know one step closer would be heaven divine
Don’t let me cross over ,Love’s cheating line.

Privileged Information….For God and St Patrick