The Boogaloo State Chronicle | 9th June 2014

The World Cup at The Boogaloo !

Reverend Fathers….Sisters of the Imaculate Heart…..Ladies and Gentlemen…

Frank Zigler in a moment of lapsed clarity has gone and installed televisions everywhere to show the World Cup.

Bookings are being taken for table bookings of 4 or more plus the option to book entire rooms…

The Belle Starr Lounge in the Courtyard – 55 people seated
Alabama’s Lounge in the courtyard – 20 people seated

There is no hire fee but groups must be in early to avail of reservation.

Our Pop Up Kitchen @Number 1 Party Banger will be serving Hotdogs & Hamburgers with Fries and Sides and can be contacted via here to pre order food.

All bookings please to 

We are actually showing every single game in our lounges and the England games will be shown in the main bar as well.

 We have all angles covered this year and even if it rains the lounges have covered walkways so you will not get wet ,drown or lose your hair style going out to the outside lounges!

When did we get so organised and become well oiled machine!

God be with the days of mitzi turbos and qualudes and purple haze but then we didn’t have covered walkways , private lounges or televisions everywhere baby !

And as always please pray for poor Britney Spears, Philomena Begley , Peter Barlow , the editor of The Protestant Gazette and The Cotton Mill Boys where ever they may be…

God Bless all here
Vaya Con Dios et Billy Bob Forever

Frank Zigler
Editor in Chief………

Like the corners of my mind
Misty water coloured memories 
Of the way we were….

Privileged Information….For God and St Patrick