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TONIGHT: WE'RE GOING UPTOWN... 10pm – 2am UpTown brings a blend of high quality music for dancing to North London’s favourite juke box bar. With an eye to the dancefloor and an ear to some of the finest music produced over the last several decades, Djs Trailer Trish and Johnny Klash set the perfect tone for a Friday night out. UpTown brings you back to when kids in the North of England spun the night away to the sounds of Detroit and Philly; when Motown ruled the charts; when rock and roll meant ‘rock and roll’; when the sounds of the American South met the big city clubs and everyone was ‘doin the popcorn’; when Studio 54 bumped to brave new beats; when Debbie Harry met Fab 5 Freddy; when UK indie ruled the world; and when pop music was good music.

TONIGHT - IT'S TIME FOR THROWBACK THURSDAY! 10PM-midnight. Come and get your 90’s nostalgia fix with DJ Jenn Crothers. From Nirvana to TLC and back again to Hanson, you’re gonna party like it’s 1990 (again). If you can’t make it down, tune in to boogalooradio.com as we’ll be streaming the night LIVE on our radio station.

WE HAVE A RADIO STATION IN OUR BEER GARDEN! Actors and Boogaloo regulars Luke Neal & Al Weaver are LIVE NOW with their creatively titled, 'Film & Telly Stuff with Luke & Al'. www.boogalooradio.com to tune in!