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COMING UP THIS WEEK... TONIGHT - 7.30pm Stitchin' Fiction - The original new writing night where casting, directing, and performing takes place in the course of a single evening! TOMORROW - Roll A D6 games night from 6.30 onwards. WEDS - Who Killed Bambi pop quiz - the oldest and best quiz around! THURS - Big Nose Comedy in the Belle Starr followed by Throwback Thursday 90s nostalgia club night till the wee hours. FRI - Uptown - bringing you back to when kids in the North of England spun the night away to the sounds of Detroit and Philly; when Motown ruled the charts; when rock and roll meant ‘rock and roll’. SAT - Extra Fancy - Jenn Crothers kicks the night off with some throwback R&B classics as well as all the usual Boogaloo BANGERS across the decades. SUN - Sunday Side Up - toasted brunch sandwiches, spicy bloody marys, and a bit of Lauryn Hill. NICE!

TODAY - join us for Sunday side up brunch club with live streaming on Boogaloo Radio all afternoon with live music from Mother’s Little Helper from 6pm.

TONIGHT - DYNAMITE! 10pm-2am - A raucous night of vintage rock n roll and soul. All your old favourites spun on crackly 45's.